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The rising popularity of organic food has caused an increase in GMO statements as more people become aware of the chemicals that exist in many consumable products. In order to legally qualify as "organic," food must consist of ingredients that have not been chemically altered.

With GMO technology scientists can locate weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a crop, then attempt to genetically alter the crop to better adapt to those vulnerabilities. Many people oppose GMOs because they believe genetically modifying natural consumables stands counter to an ethical agricultural standard.  Although The Broken Rib, LLC understands and supports the Non-GMO movement, at the present time we have decided not to participate in the official Non-GMO Verification Program.  This is not due to any difference in ideology, but rather because most of our products, by meeting the stringent standards set by the USDA are also considered to be Non-GMO.

Whether Certified Organic or not, we work to ensure that all of our products meet the highest standards and are as GMO-free as possible.   

With the increase in concern over food safety and quality, The Broken Rib, LLC joins with other Non-GMO companies in its desire to sell and promote clean, wholesome products.  While we are not taking part in the verification program at this time, we may revisit this decision in the future and will let you know if and when our position changes.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. 

Note: Nothing herein is intended as legal or regulatory advice, nor should you rely on the information contained in this statement, which is presented solely for your independent consideration, review and verification. The information is presented in good faith as of the date set forth herein, and The Broken Rib, LLC assumes no obligation to update this position statement. The Broken Rib, LLC makes no representations or warranties, and shall have no liability, regarding this statement or your use of the information contained herein.